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Atomium B&B

Bed & Breakfast Wemmel

The choice of Atomium B&B (Bed and Breakfast) as the name for our bed and breakfast is related to the fact that our B&B is located in Wemmel, in direct vicinity to the Atomium.

So you will only be a stone’s throw away from Heysel, and different international interests such as:

  • The Brussels Expo and it’s exhibitions: The Food Exhibition, Auto Salon/Exhibition, etc.)
  • The Roi Baudouin Stadium (football games, its concerts, etc.)
  • Trader Mart Brussels

  • The Palais 12 is famous for its concerts which regularly take place

The Atomium is the only symbol of its kind in the world and is every Belgian’s pride and joy, we feel the same way about our bed and breakfast!

It leaves an indefinable impression when you visit it and despite our many visits, we are still at loss for words. Visit it, and you too, will understand…

We would like our bed and breakfast to be a place that will leave you with a similar impression when you stay with us…

The Atomium was the main pavilion and icon of the Expo 58 (World Fair of Brussels) and was not intended to survive beyond the Expo 58 but half a century later, the Atomium is more glittering than ever and even more so since its restoration (2006). It is also a museum with its permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

Thanks to an arrangement with the Atomium asbl, we can offer you the possibility to visit the Atomium at a lower price and without having to queue for tickets. You can have a meal or even rent the Atomium partly or completely for private events and ceremonies. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information.